Time Management for Entrepreneurial Moms

Who Has Time for Marketing?

School’s out for summer!

For those of you entrepreneurs who happen to be moms of school-age children, summer is a busy time for juggling kid’s schedules, work schedules, and your own mile-long list of to-dos. It can be a stressful time where you count the days until school starts, or it can be a joyful time where you make memories, slow down, and even sneak in some valued days off.


If you’re an overachiever with high expectations for yourself as you are growing your business and wanting to serve more of your ideal clients, you may be under incredible pressure to perform and get things “just right” to make the most of every minute you invest in your business. (We’re not counting all those times you sneak a peak at an interesting Facebook post, laugh at a silly cat video, get caught up in a catchy news article, or *cough cough* watch yet another webinar on how to attract more clients).

So how do you find any level of “balance” while being surrounded by what can often times feel like a circus?

It comes down to time management.

Step 1: Start by lowering your expectations.

You read that right. It’s not a typo.

Lower your expectations of what you can actually accomplish. (I’m speaking from experience here.)

If you expect to be the perfect mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, friend, spouse, etc., you’ve got to let that go. The pressure is paralyzing and won’t get you anywhere.

Double or triple your timeline on everything, and then double it again. Do your best. Set an expectation to dedicate a set number of hours to your business, your health, and your family, and do what you can during the time that you do have instead of spinning over what you aren’t getting done. You might surprise yourself.

Step 2: Prioritize what’s most important to you.

Decide what is important to you and focus solely on that. If you have 10 things on your to-do list and three hours to do them, you’re starting out disappointed. Pick three tasks that matter to you and do ONLY those three tasks. Can’t get three done? Pick one, dice it into three steps and celebrate each step.

Want to attract more clients to your business and make more money? Focus on money-making activities. Period. Narrow down the activities that effectively get you in front of clients and link every action you have in your business toward those activities. (If you don’t know who your ideal client is or how to find them, email me and we can fix that.)

Free time? What free time? I’m a do-er. I want to touch up paint on the walls, make art for our guest bathroom, install new curtains, play in my garden, and watch a movie while knitting something pretty, but it’s not all going to happen in one day, or even one week. I have to accept that and focus on what I want most.

Same thing for your health. I need to see my dentist for a cleaning, check in with my nutritionist for a progress report, see my masseuse to reduce my stress levels, and get my back cracked so my neck doesn’t freak out on me. That means scheduling time for self care without feeling guilty that I’m not dedicating that time to my business or my kids. As a wise friend recently reminded me, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Fill your cup first.”

And speaking of kids! I don’t think a full day of tablet and television time is a good idea for anyone. But I also have to accept that I’m not going to sit with them for eight hours a day reading books, supervising art projects, teaching them math, playing baseball with them outside, and enticing them to practice their lower-case letters in exchange for a Popsicle. That will all happen at some point but I’ve got all summer. I can accept that some days they will have four hours of tablet time and other days they will have none. They can earn tablet time by reading, writing, doing math exercises, and chores. And I can be okay with that.

I can be okay with all of it.

Step 3: Let go of everything else.

Let go of what other people think, what you think you *should* be doing, the guilt around not doing enough or being enough. Let it all go. Forgive yourself for not doing more or being more.

Step 4: Celebrate small wins.

Beating yourself up doesn’t get you anywhere in business or in life so start celebrating your wins.

Today, I got the kids off to their first day off summer school, saw the chiropractor, reached out to a couple of prospective clients, got the kids home from summer school, had a networking call with a referral partner, took my daughter to a doctor’s appointment, re-spackled a few holes in the wall, made dinner, took all of my vitamins, and drafted this article for my blog. When I write it out like that, it was a pretty awesome day.

Set the bar low and knock it out of the park, momma!

If you’re wondering how to get more clear about what actions you can take to find more clarity, focus, and balance in your business, email me. We can talk about what will work best for you and create a customized plan to tame your three-ring circus into a well-oiled marketing machine.

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