Where is perfection stopping you?

Where are you putting pressure on yourself to be perfect?

With your time, money, parenting, business, website?

Is the level of perfection that you are striving for actually serving you?

Or would you be better off taking imperfect action?

Where can you ease up on yourself and take more imperfect action?

As entrepreneurs, we tend to want the best of everything. The issue with that is…

We are often paralyzed by our desire for having all of our ducks in a row to the point of inaction.

We stop our own success.

We block ourselves from helping more people, accomplishing a task, or making advancements toward our dreams.

Where is perfection stopping you?

Do you really need to be so perfect? Or can you just notice that perfectionism is surfacing, trying to get your attention, allow it to be there, and then take imperfect action anyway?

Maybe, just maybe, you can laugh at yourself, ease up, and KEEP GOING.

Let me know.

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Best wishes for a wonderful week.

Go forth and be awesome!

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