What’s an avatar and why do you need one?

Ideal Client WorkshopDo you have an ideal client avatar for your business?

If you aren’t sure what an avatar is, or why on Earth you’d need one (I’m not talking about the blue people from the movie Avatar), keep reading.

An ideal client avatar is a persona that you name and describe in intimate detail. Doing so allows you to focus all of your marketing efforts toward one person in a way that clarifies your message. And when your message is clear, your clients can hear what you’re saying and will be attracted to you instead of you having to chase them down.

If you don’t have an avatar, now is your chance to create one by joining me tomorrow morning at 9am CST (or on the recording) for an Ideal Client Workshop where we’ll be connecting virtually to draft out your avatar.

I’ll help you narrow your focus down to one person and help you figure out how to flesh them out.

If you have more than one avatar you want to work with, we’ll address that too.

I’ll share my avatar with you as an example, and by working together in this small group, you’ll be inspired by the collective and create a unique avatar that is perfectly aligned with your business.

Then we’ll talk about all of the ways your avatar will help you attract more clients.


Join us.

It’s $97. We start tomorrow morning. The training will be recorded in case you can’t attend. And I’m offering a follow-up Q & A call next week to answer any questions that pop up after the workshop is over.

To sweeten the deal even further, I’m including my video series on How to Network When You Hate Networking.

This one exercise has completely changed my business, given me the clarity and focus I needed to really charge forward in my business, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

To register, click here: http://bit.ly/idealclientworkshop

See you bright and early tomorrow (or on the recording).


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