Want An Easy Way to Plan Your Next 90 Days?

Happy New Year

Want An Easy Way to Plan Your Next 90 Days?

Do you find yourself feeling a bit (or totally) overwhelmed by the New Year? Goal setting? Resolutions?

So much potential for greatness, opportunity for growth, and excitement buzzing around what will be…

And so much stress brewing in your head as you’re wondering why you’re not where you want to be in your business, feeling like you should be doing more, and the endless to-do list repeatedly rearing it’s ugly head.

Let all of that crap go!

It’s time for a new way of ringing in the New Year…

with grace, and ease, tossed with a side of fun, and a whole lot of passion for life.

Sound good?


Here are my 5 Steps to Planning Your Next 90 Days
Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for 3 seconds, and let it out through your nose. Repeat.


1. Write down 3 things you are releasing. What no longer serves you?

That could be your fears, expectations, negative thoughts, poor eating habits, anger, frustration, and the list keeps going. Start with three and feel free to add as many things as you want to release.

I’m seeing a lot of people try to kick 2016 to the curb with anger and frustration without releasing the roots of the drama that happened in 2016. Let it go. Don’t shove it down. Release it. Let it out. Have a good cry. Cut your cords* and move on.


2. Write down 3 things you are embracing. What do you want more of in your life?

Cuddles, game nights, abundance, clients, grace and ease, health, happiness, perspective, flow, energy. Again, you can have as many as you want but start with at least 3.


3. What is the feeling you want for today, this week, this month, or this year?

The amount of time doesn’t matter. The shorter, the better in many cases as your life and your energy and the growth process you’re experiencing as an entrepreneur is happening so fast that you won’t always be able to keep up… or pick a feeling that will resonate in six months so start small and go from there. You can always revisit this.

Maybe you want to feel the flow of a gentle stream as it carries you softly through life while you observe your surroundings and go with the flow.

For me, I want to feel rooted into the ground like a strong tree with a solid trunk, expansive branches that are nourished from the soil below and the light above. I want to feel the warmth of the world on my skin and know that I’m strong, yet flexible. I can wave in the breeze and still be standing after a storm.

Breathe into it. Close your eyes and describe how you want to feel.


4. What are 3 specific goals you want to reach?

Make sure they are specific, measurable, and able to be achieved within a defined amount of time.

Do you have an income goal for this week, month, or 90 days? Or a program you’d like to have ten people in by Sunday night? Maybe you want to play 4 board games with your kids this month? Or eat one salad a day for the next 7 days?

The more specific, defined, and clear you are, the easier it will be to bring them into your life.


5. What’s the VERY next step you need to take to achieve each of these goals?

CAUTION: Don’t go overboard here. If your goal is to make $5,000 in your business this month, break that into 5 clients at $1,000 each. Or 10 clients at $500. What step can you take to get the first client? Do that.

For my kids, I need to ask them to play a board game with me. Easy.

Then I can order a salad for lunch. Done.

Keep it simple, stay focused, and just do what needs to be done.

Think LEAN.


LESS IS MORE. Make that your motto for 2017.


*For a video from my coach on how to cut cords and get grounded in your body, and other cool energy tricks that will help get your energy and money flowing, go to www.freekickstarter.com


**For a free training on 8 Simple Steps to Allow Business Clarity in 2017, register here: http://bit.ly/8stepstoclarity

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