What do Valentine’s, Chocolates, and Your Ideal Clients Have in Common?

Valentine’s Day, Chocolates, and Ideal Clients?

That sounds like total happiness to me.

A day dedicated to the expression of love, the greatest food invention of all time, and working with my favorite clients. Total bliss.

But this post isn’t just about me… It’s really about you.

If you’re struggling to choose an “Ideal Client” (or as I call them, your “Favorite Client”), I invite you to follow me down a bit of a rabbit hole for a moment…

Think of it like this:

If you could go into a confectionery with all sorts of chocolates, fudge, candies, and even cheddar popcorn and potato chips for you savory folks, what one item in the store would you love to have all day, every day in unlimited supply? 

Be specific. Don’t cheat here and say “chocolate”.

Pick ONE item.Dark Choc

What did you pick? (You can email me or comment on the blog if you really want to have your vote count–it is an election year after all… and I can post results next month.)

For me, it’s dark chocolate, specifically dark chocolate covered peanuts. All day, every day.

Sure, I like some of the other stuff in the store.

But I LOVE dark chocolate covered peanuts.

I’ve been known to snub white chocolate, milk chocolate, hard candy, chewy/waxy candies, licorice, and any chocolate that is disastrously poured over pretzels or coffee beans (Yuck! No offense).

When it comes to the confectionery, I want to be known as “The Girl Who Loves Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts”. 

You know why?

Because if anyone I know goes to the confectionery to buy me chocolates, the staff behind the counter will know to suggest the dark chocolate covered peanuts, and I’ll get exactly what I want every time.

Now think about how this applies to your business.

If you go around telling the world that you work with anyone with a pulse, you’ll get every variety of candy in the store… or none at all because people might send you ballet shoes, snow tires, or gourmet mustard instead.


If you make it known that you want to work with mom entrepreneurs who have young children and are trying to figure out how to get clarity in their business to attract the right clients and build a business they love, guess what you’ll get?

Dark chocolate covered peanuts all day long.

And that, my friends, is what Valentine’s, chocolates, and your ideal clients have in common. The more clear you are about communicating who you love to work with, what you specifically want, and who you want to work with, you’ll start to attract your favorite ideal clients ALL. DAY. LONG.

And that’s the goal, right?


If you want help specifically defining your ideal client, clearly identify them, and communicating what you want to your referral network, sign up for a free clarity call with me today. It’s easy, fun, and might surprise you.  

P.S. If they are out of dark chocolate covered peanuts, squares of around 70% dark chocolate will do. My taste buds can work with that. Similarly, my business will attract things that are similar (dark chocolate covered almonds/dad entrepreneurs who want to get clear in their business and build on a solid marketing foundation), just by being clear on what I specifically want. Try it and watch your business soar!

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2 thoughts on “What do Valentine’s, Chocolates, and Your Ideal Clients Have in Common?”

  1. BRILLIANT comparison and you made it really, really clear why it’s so important to know exactly who I want to work with in my business.

    First, I want the bliss. I want work to feel like play. That happens when I work with my favorite clients.

    Second, I want the clients to feel it and to send me more of the same. Let’s make the world a happier place by working with who we love, shall we??

    By the way, for me it would be Smartfood White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. All day. Every day. :)

  2. I really like this example, because it has to do with CHOCOLATE! Which is one of my favorite things in the world.

    I would have a little bit of a hard time choosing ONE thing, but the first thing that came to mind was dark chocolate covered coconut clumps. :) I can eat those until I explode!

    But this really makes a lot of sense, and I think I’ll add a picture of a chocolate shop to my “clarity” vision board along with pics of Bora Bora and that crystal clear water. Just another thing to remind me of clarity, focus, and that one perfect thing for me and my clients.

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