Amanda cares deeply for her clients. Plus, she has the ability to quickly help you uncover where you are stuck so that you can move forward. She deciphered what is going in my creative mind full of ideas and helped me put it together in a more cohesive way. Amanda helped me feel REALLY heard and understood.

Jennifer Beilsmith

I was surprised by the fact that I had been blocking my own success all along. She helped me get clarity that four other coaches could not support me in doing.

Since working with Amanda I am:

  • Charging more
  • Owning my value, taking steps to be more visible
  • Feeling confident in what direction my biz is going
  • Closing more sales, booking workshops,
  • Having a do-able plan of action that doesn’t overwhelm me
Amanda’s signature system focuses on all the places that one needs to get clarity in their business. She walks right along side of you and most importantly provides accountability and support. She is the real deal. Her creativity, experience and intuitive gifts making her a powerhouse coach. I highly recommend working with Amanda!

~Jennifer Beilsmith, Life & Business Coach, Author, Speaker, The Prosperous Path

I followed one tip from Amanda on attracting new clients and from it I got: Jennifer Blumenthal

  • 4 paid readings booked a paid Soul Art intensive client
  • a free SoulTalk Session booked for a potential IDEAL coaching client (that will lead to anywhere from a 3-12 month engagement)
  • a lead for another private Soul Art intensive with an IDEAL client.

That’s from implementing ONE tip from Amanda. Jump on this opportunity to find out what she knows about attracting clients!!! Thank you for your awesome abilities and help Amanda. <3

~Jennifer Blumenthal, Human Spirit Guide, Seduction of Soul,


I love that Amanda is qualified to teach us about marketing and that she is taking a holistic approach including the emotional and energy side as well. I was surprised and amazed that while doing a weekly assignment I got an epiphany that enabled deep healing for something I was dragging with me for years.Murielle Fellous

The exercises in the 90 Days To Clarity Program helped me clarify the way I needed to approach my ideal client as well as lower the resistance and the fear because I focus on connecting and serving instead of selling. I started networking with more ease, in a more organic way. While focusing on building my business, I became more aware of the way I think, speak and act which impacted all the areas of my life.

~Murielle Fellous, Relationship Coach, Date Like A French Woman

Amanda’s perspective helped me clarify and focus. She helped me think through and reframe some of my activity and messaging.Joy Panos Stauber

It was great to dump all the “shoulds” and make my to-do list shorter and smarter. Regular calls for accountability were also key. Having that check-in call on the calendar means that things get done! Her follow-up notes were important too – that meant I could focus on hashing out ideas on our calls, rather than having to capture it all in notes.

~Joy Panos Stauber, Stauber Brand Studio

“Amanda is a great listener and combined with insightful questioning engages you in Mandy Marshallthinking differently about your business challenges and simplifying your marketing.

Working with Amanda transformed my business model and sent me in the right direction to creating success.”

~Mandy Marshall, Coral Creatives

As a relatively new small business owner, it was very helpful to have Amanda in my corner. She opened my eyes to the importance of intimately knowing my ideal clients and how to speak to them.Jennifer Kreatsoulas

Amanda’s encouragement to spread my wings and believe in my abilities led to me create new products and increase my clients. I am grateful to Amanda for her guidance and professional integrity. I highly recommend Amanda as a coach; she really will have your back!

~Jennifer Kreatsoulas, Ph.D., RYT
Founder & Owner, Chime Yoga Therapy LLC

The Clarity Call that I did with Amanda showed me what I didn’t want to do or try in my doll clothing business. Because, I thought that I needed to be doing everything; Etsy, website, several social media postings, craft shows, etc.!

After the call, she sent a couple emails regarding her new program. I was interested but, hesitant because I had never invested in any kind of coaching before. Amanda hopped on another call with me to answer any questions regarding coaching and how she could help me to uncover my ideal client. (I discovered that I have two perfect customers that purchase my doll clothes!)

As I went through the program, I loved how Amanda can just bounce ideas out to you, help you focus on products, services, and that special customer! I love her ability to play with different client scenarios, it gives you the POSSIBILITIES- a vision that I might have never thought about.Dana Ronevich

You’ll love her gentle nature, positive energy and genuine desire to guide you in your business.

~Dana Ronevich, River Twyn Designs

I landed my first solid $1,000 offer in about 20 minutes! 

“I’ll do anything to get out of pain and when can we begin…sooner the better!” The price was no barrier…this is what I’m talking about!!! Yes! Thanks, Amanda, for your solid guidance and supportive coaching…you rock

~Sharon Thomas, Medical Massage Therapist, MedicalMassageandMore.com


“Amanda and I just worked through her 30-Days to Clarity coaching program! I was very nervous about hiring her, as I had worked in the past with a coach who was not a good fit and, as a result, terribly ineffective. I knew right away that I clicked with Amanda, and soon felt reassured that she could help me with what I needed to move forward (a game plan, actionable steps, clarity on who I am serving).

I am thrilled with the plan we crafted together. Amanda offereliza_headshoted insightful feedback and direction. She came up with a million ideas that I would never have come up with on my own. She connected all my dots. At the end, my plan felt so natural and right; a huge relief.

In a nutshell, I loved working with Amanda and highly recommend her services!”
~Eliza Rosen, Eliza Rosen Illustration, elizarosen.com

“Working with Amanda is like having cocktails with your best friend. You know, the one who always gives it to you straight, tells you to rock what you’ve got, and brings the fun wherever she goes. Amanda pointed out ways I could improve my coaching programs when nobody else would give me constructive criticism. She helped me realize where I was playing small, especially in terms of my pricing, and I raised my Sage Grayson headshotrates the very next day. And like a good friend, she acted as my cheerleader too by showing me what I was doing right with my marketing and branding. After our session, I felt giddy and excited about my business (with no hangover in the morning). I highly recommend Amanda if you want to get serious about your marketing.”

~Sage Grayson, Life Coach at SageGrayson.com

“Amanda helped create a strategy for my business that actually worked. With so many different options out there for marketing, keeping things simple and effective was my goal. Amanda took the time to learn what my business was about and created a plan to target the people I needed to reach to grow the business. I would recommend Simplify Your Marketing to anyone that needs to figure out a marketing plan that gets results.”

~Eric DeChant, Owner, DeChant Building Performance

“Amanda has an uncanny ability to rework your words so that you sound great, get your point across more effectively, and connect with your clients and customers. I have had many people help me with marketing my business and writing for my business. She is the best by far. She takes your thoughts, the overall message of your business, and weaves them together so seamlessly that you can’t tell where your words end and hers begin. LeahJW

Much of what makes Amanda’s work great is the fact that first and foremost, she’s a marketer. She’s always focused on strategy, so her writing and her marketing advice are integrated with an overall view of strategy, positioning, and moving you to an exponentially bigger view of your business. Seriously, if you’re struggling to get your message across or to get more clients, just call Amanda. You’ll be so glad you did.

~Leah Jackman-Wheitner, Ph.D., Executive Coach, LifebalanceForLawyers.com

“Hiring Amanda was one of the best decisions we made in 2016. She is fantastic to work with. We set to work right away clarifying our target market. Once that was in place, Client Testimonialeverything came together. Our clarity calls were powerful and had many “ah-ha!” moments. Over the course of three months, with Amanda’s help, we attracted 26 new patients to our practice. Before working with Amanda, it had taken us more than twice as long (7 months!) to reach that number. We look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her!”

~Lynn Palmgren, Palmgren Acupuncture Palmgrenacu.com