Do you want more referrals in your business?

Do you want more referrals in your business?

If so, this video is for you!

There are 3 great people to meet when it comes to attracting more referrals:

1. Your clients directly
2. People who serve the same clients you serve
3. People who are in your industry but don’t serve your niche

This week, I invite you to take a few minutes to think about who else is working with your ideal clients. Who can you meet and create referral partnerships with? Who else is in your industry but not serving your clients?

Do you want more referrals in your business?

Start thinking about who could be a great resource to connect you with the clients you’re meant to serve.

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What’s Your One Thing?

This week, I invite you to think about what one thing you need most in your business.

What’s Your One Thing?

If you were to set up a series of Dominos to fall over in your business and knock out multiple items on your to-do list, what would that first Domino be?

Let’s say you need more clients in your business.

What can you do right now to attract a new client?

Networking, speaking, sales calls?

Maybe you need to be following up with past clients to renew their contracts?

Watch this week’s video above to uncover Your One Thing, and take this week to focus on it.

What's Your One Thing?

Remember, you’re looking for the one thing in your life that makes other things irrelevant or unnecessary.

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For more on this topic, check out the book The ONE Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan.

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Where are there Circles of Flow in your business?

I’m starting a new video series each week where I’ll invite you to think about some aspect of your business to see how you can shift your mindset.

This is video #1 (… so share your feedback and thoughts in the Entrepreneurs Finding Clarity Group or via email.)

Where are there Circles of Flow in your business?

Just like we breathe air in and out of our lungs, we need to keep the energy of our business — and all aspects of our lives flowing.

  • Getting dirty laundry into the bin to be washed.
  • Clean dishes back into the cabinets once the wash cycle is complete.
  • Donations made to give gratitude and make space for abundance.
  • Bills paid so that money can flow out and new money can flow in.
  • Selling a car so that you can make space for a new one.

I call these the “circles of flow”.

Watch this video and see where your circles of flow might be getting caught up, and what you can do to jostle them loose again, and shift them back into flow.

This week, make time to breathe and see where you can get things flowing.

Where are there Circles of Flow in your business?

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Ideal Client Intensive Training

Ideal Client Intensive Training

Do you currently describe your target market as “anyone with a pulse”, “anyone willing to pay me”, or as a vague demographic group like “women age 30-60 with a household income of $100,000+, who live in the Midwest and are on Facebook”?

If so, your target is too big. You’re likely not attracting enough of the right clients, and you’re making your marketing a lot harder than it needs to be!

Are you ready to change that?

Do you want to make marketing your business a lot easier while attracting more high-quality clients and making your sales process a lot more effective?

Join me for an online Ideal Client Intensive Training where you’ll get to know your Ideal Client so that you can easily speak to, and attract, the clients you’re meant to serve.

During the workshop, we’ll use basic Energy Mastery(TM) techniques to get you grounded into your body and connected to your intuition.   

Then you’ll write up insights about your ideal client, and I’ll guide you to uncover what’s really motivating him/her. 

You’ll learn how I’ve created personas for my own ideal clients and how this process has successfully shifted how my clients attract more of the right prospects (and income!). 

We’ll also cover how to deal with multiple target markets, why it’s important to create an IDEAL CLIENT, and how to uncover the benefits your clients receive from working with you.

That’s all packed into an interactive online format that allows you to ask questions during the workshop to get specific answers related to your business.

It’s a magical two hours in which you’ll meet your ideal client, gain a deeper understanding of who you want to work with, where to find them, and how to speak their language to create powerful marketing messages.

You’ll learn how to:

  • clarify the one client you most want to attract to your business
  • understand what he/she really wants and how you can serve his/her needs
  • learn how to use your marketing and messaging to attract him/her to your business consistently
  • focus all of your marketing efforts easily

All for just $597!

Register now to reserve your spot as space is limited!

The  Workshop WILL BE RECORDED for your convenience so that you can use it again to create additional ideal client personas for your business or watch it at a later date.

6 Steps To Finding Your First Clients

6 Steps To Finding Your First Clients

You asked, I listened… 6 Steps to Finding Your First Clients {Free Webinar}

Do you have a handful of clients with a desire for more?

Or are you starting out from scratch and looking for your first real clients?

Either way, these 6 Steps to Finding Your First Clients will help you set a solid foundation for your business and get the money flowing.

Register today to learn the quickest way to attract your first clients and start making money this week.

Entrepreneurship isn’t something you do alone so join me for the clarity you need to put the right foot forward.

The Founding Moms – 5 Simple Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients!

The Founding Moms’ Exchange: Downers Grove

Join us to hear from Amanda Young on The Clear Path to Clients: 5 Simple Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients!

If you’re an entrepreneur who has ever struggled to find the right clients for your business, this talk is for you! You’ll learn how to attract more of the right clients to your business, inspire more high-quality referrals, and find the freedom you desire while serving your clients from the highest level as only you can.

You’ll leave knowing how to clearly explain what you do to the people you meet, and how to ask for referrals in a way that makes it easy for your contacts to clearly understand who you work with a what a good referral looks like for you.

Ideal Client Workshop

Need to attract more clients to your business?

Join me for an online workshop to create your ideal client avatar.

You’ll learn how to:

  • clarify the one client you most want to attract to your business
  • understand what she really wants and how you can serve her needs
  • learn how to use your marketing and messaging to attract her to your business
  • focus all of your marketing efforts easily

I’m offering 2 bonuses to the first 20 participants:

My How to Network When You Hate Networking Video Series

and a

Q & A call the following week to answer any lingering questions that come up after the Ideal Client Workshop.


All for $97! (Regularly $297) – Register now to reserve your spot!

LINK – Ideal Client Workshop (CLICK HERE)


While you’re waiting for the workshop to start…

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Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

CC_16662How can you stand out in a crowd?

What makes you memorable?

How are you and your business different from everyone else?

In marketing, there is something called the “consideration set”. It’s the list of products a consumer is considering. As a business owner, you want to be in your ideal client’s “consideration set”.

Let’s play a little game to explain.

When I say, “potato chip”, you’re thinking about _____________?

What are the first five words that come to mind?

Lays, Pringles, Doritos, sea salt and onion, homemade sweet potato chips. These are my “consideration set” and make up the products I’m most likely to consider when I need to make a purchase. The first three are brands, the last two are generic.

When I say, “luxury car”, what comes to mind?

I think: Porche, Lexus, Audi, BMW, Jaguar… with Tesla being a late addition since it’s in the “electric car” set in my mind.

When your ideal clients are out in the world saying, “I really need someone who (insert the service you provide here).” You want them to think, “Oh, (insert your name here) does that! I will give him/her a call right now.”

So, how do you get into their consideration set?

By standing out, being memorable, getting, and staying, in front of your ideal customers.

One way I do that is by sending Valentine’s instead of more traditional holiday cards.


1. I stand out.

Who do you know that sends out Valentines? I don’t have much competition.

Your consideration set is likely pretty light. Kids, mom, significant others, grandma.

2. It’s memorable.

I include a note and a photo of my family (Amanda, Iain, Ada, & Rick). This year’s photo was taken by my friends at Cadence and Eli Photography who always make us look amazing.Young Family Valentine 2015

3. It’s an excuse to reach out.

People can’t buy from you or refer clients to you if they don’t know or remember what you do. You need to find creative ways to get, and stay, in their consideration set.

What can you do that is different, memorable, and gets you in front of your people?

How are you going to stand out this year?

XO & Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you aren’t sure how you can stand out or want some help, sign up for a free marketing strategy consultation by visiting my online calendar. Let’s talk.

Shine Your Light to Attract New Clients

By (llahbocaj) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsDo people around you know what you do for a living?

Do they understand what you do to the point where they could refer good clients to you?

When was the last time you talked about your business to someone new?

If you can answer, “Yes. Yes. Yesterday.” Then you can quit reading now and get back to work. Gold star for today. Great job. Keep up the good work!

For those of you thinking, “Ghee, um, well, maybe, kinda, it’s been awhile…” then we need to talk.

It’s time to shine your light more brightly to attract new clients.

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals in charge of marketing our services, we need to be talking about our business, what we do, who we serve, and how awesome we are.


Because I can’t honestly say crossing your fingers and hoping someone else will say nice things about what you do is an “effective marketing strategy”. You’re leaving too much up to chance.

The most successful business owners talk about themselves. Not constantly. Not in a braggadocious way. Not obnoxiously. But they let others know what they do, who they serve, and they talk about their business consistently.

What should you do?

  1. Tell people what you do in a way they can understand and remember.

I help (target market) do (the service you provide) so that they (benefit).

For example: I help small business owners and entrepreneurs simplify their marketing so that they can get back to doing what they love.

TIP: Watch out for jargon. Instead of “I help pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons purchase medical technology so that they can reduce mortality rates,” you could say, “I help doctors who operate on kids’ hearts choose the right tools to save lives.”

  1. Explain who you work with and what they look like/feel/say/do so they can watch for people you can help.

I work with (target market) who (explain one of their symptoms). I help them (your solution).

For example: I work with small business owners who think they should be doing more on social media, are short on time, and just trying to keep up with their daily work while still needing to attract new clients. I help them create a simple marketing plan to reduce the amount of time and money they spend on marketing while maximizing their results.

TIP: If you work with multiple target markets, pick one to focus on first. You can choose another target market to focus on next week.

  1. Create opportunities to meet new people and tell them what you do.

Call it networking, call it socializing, call it coffee, call it whatever you want but talk to people. The more people you meet, the more people you’ll know who can help you grow your business.

People like helping people so when you meet someone new, ask how you can help them, and then ask them to help you.

“Do you know anyone who…(who do you want to meet)? I’m looking to…(what do you want).

“What are you looking for?” or “How can I help you?” or “Is there anyone I can connect you to?”

For example: “Do you know anyone who runs a small non-for-profit? I’m looking to meet with more executive directors that are struggling with high turnover and need to get their marketing in order. If you hear of anyone or meet someone during your travels, please connect us.

TIP: Don’t try to sell your services to the people you meet. Just start a conversation and watch where it goes.

BONUS TIP: Tell people you meet what’s new and good in your business.

Did you just win a new client? Finish a cool new project? Learn something new? Meet someone really cool? When someone says, “How are you today?” Go ahead and tell them about something great that’s happening in your business. Tell it in a way that explains what you do, who you work with, and how you serve them. It might spark conversation that leads to more business.

Moral of the story: See every personal interaction as a way to shine your light a little brighter in your business and all that you do.


Afraid to Narrow Your Target Market?

Business owners often hesitate to narrow down their target market. Why? Because they assume that by casting a wide net, they will attract more clients more easily.

Unfortunately, they often overlook the fact that having a generic target market makes it less clear which types of clients they can serve best.

Take this example:

Imagine you are getting ready to rent a movie with a new date. You’ve established that you both enjoy watching movies, but you don’t know what types of movies the other one enjoys. How do you pick a movie?

You could spend hours roaming the video store to find something you both agree on… OR… you could ask which genres they prefer to narrow down the options. And to make it even easier, you could ask for their favorite actors to narrow it down even further. If your date says, “Romantic comedies and action films are my favorite, while dramas tend to make me cry, and horror films make me queasy.” Then you have somewhere to start. If they also reveal they are huge fans of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, the field has narrowed to a handful of films that are likely to be a hit.

The same idea translates to attracting new clients. If you can tell people you are looking for young professionals who live downtown Chicago, enjoy sushi and live music, that offers the focus you need to be able to find your target more easily. When we’re just looking for professionals in Chicago, (or R-rated movies), the options are too generic and you’re going to end up with far too many options and no real connection (and a horror film like Saw 3 when you haven’t even seen the first two and are clueless as to the plot line).

You don’t need to cast a huge net to catch the most fish. Try casting a smaller net in the right part of the sea and watch your success rate skyrocket. Not sure where to start? Use your favorite client as an example to model prospective clients, and contact me to learn how we can work together to narrow your target, hone in on messaging that will attract them to you, and offer services that really serve them.