Are you ready for 2018? This will help.

2018 is just around the corner…

***If you don’t have 15 minutes to go over this post right now, please open up your calendar and create an appointment to do so within the next 5 days. This is important for your business.***

For many entrepreneurs, including myself, December is a time to

reflect on the past year and how far your journey has taken you.

…finish up projects, wrap up loose ends, and end strong with last-minute sales.

look ahead to 2018 and start planning for what you want to achieve.

Let’s take a few minutes to go over this together… I’ll start, and please write up your reflections and share them with me so we can celebrate and plan to share our collective gifts with the world together.

Reflecting on the past year

For me, reflecting on the past year means…

  • I’m celebrating my best year yet. Sure I’ve made more income, but that really means I’ve invested more timemoney (in the form of self-development through my incredible business coach), and FOCUSED effort into my business than ever before.
  • I’ve helped more clients through speaking, group training, one-on-one coaching, workshops, training videos, and online courses. But that doesn’t mean I’ve done MORE as much as it means that I’ve done MORE OF THE RIGHT THINGS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  • I’ve found more clarity around who I’m able to help –I started out working solely with mom-entrepreneurs. Now I’m serving:
    • Entrepreneurs starting out who need a solid foundation to communicate what they do,
    • established solopreneurs as a sounding board for decisions they are making,
    • partners growing their businesses,
    • sales executives looking to manage their mindset,
    • corporate sales teams in need of better messaging,
    • individuals seeking a career shift,
    • organizations in need of an inspirational speaker,
    • people looking to manage their own energy, get out of their own way, clear blocks holding them back, and learn more about energy healing.
  • I’ve developed new talents and expanded ways to help my clients. Instead of simply providing marketing strategies to my clients to help them communicate what they do in the best way possible, I now help clients:
    • stop wasting time and money on efforts that aren’t working,
    • gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what their bigger purpose is for their business,
    • see how they can expand and grow, in business, and all aspects of life,
    • identify beliefs that are holding them back from their goals in a way that is no longer serving them, or their clients,
    • connect with their intuition on a deeper level to achieve alignment in a way they never thought possible.

Your turn to reflect.

What amazing things happened in 2017? (Hint: Let’s keep this positive to celebrate your wins and attract more of that good energy in the new year.)

Wrapping up loose ends

For me, finishing up projects, wrapping up loose ends, and ending the year strong with last-minute sales means…

  • Not letting the holidays stop or distract me. MANY people tell me “everyone is on vacation in December, no one is working, and it’s not a good time to make sales”. In some industries, in some instances, that may be accurate. In your case, it’s likely just a story that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are companies with end of year budgets to “use or lose”, individuals with holiday bonuses to spend, spouses making wish lists, and people with time to reflect on what they want to change next year. DON’T PUT THE DESSERT AWAY BEFORE EVERYONE HAS HAD A CHANCE TO GET A PIECE! Keep engaging your prospects. Consistency is key!
  • Finding the limitations that have been holding me back and busting through them. Where have you been stopping in your business? I wasn’t clear on the various packages I was offering prospective clients because I didn’t want to be like one of the first coaches I had who sold me on coaching packages that didn’t fit what I think I needed. (I’ll write more on this topic soon so stay tuned as it might uncover some good things for you as well.) It’s a problem that has plagued me for too long and I woke up this morning giddy, with a renewed view of my business and how my new offerings will support my clients on a whole new level. (Squee!)
  • I’m making a conscious effort to reflect on past conversations from the year to see who I can connect with, who I can help, and how I can help them.
    • That might mean I send them a quick text saying “hi”, checking in and offering a virtual hug (I’ve got an unlimited supply of those if you’re in need this holiday season, just ask — ah, heck, here’s one now -{hug}).
    • It’s scheduling free clarity calls to see if my new packages can help them in a way that I wasn’t able to previously. (I’ve got space available when you’re ready to chat.)
    • Or (HINT HINT) it’s a personal invitation to meet my coach and join us for a two day in-person Energy Mastery Foundations ™ training Saturday and Sunday January 27th and 28th here in Oak Park, IL to learn how to clean up and manage your own energy to make more sales, feel better, and shine brighter for your clients. You’ll also be certified as an Energy Mastery Core™ healer by the end of the weekend and it will completely change your life in the most magical way. Get on my calendar or email me to learn more about this amazing experience – and get 25% off before the end of the year.

Your turn to wrap things up.

What loose ends do you need to wrap up? Let me know your top three.

Looking ahead to 2018

For me, looking ahead to 2018 means…

  • Thinking about what I really want next year. To serve more clients, help more people, train others to clean up the mindset clutter that’s holding them back, travel to Europe, renovate our kitchen, replace our front door, upgrade our second car, swap out our furnace with something more efficient, get a fence for the backyard so our dog can play easily, and play more board games with my kids.
  • Setting goals that are ambitious, achievable, and inspirational. Maybe I want to triple my income (it’s possible considering the five years I’ve spent building the foundation for my business, the level of support I invest in, and all of the products and services I have to offer –including something that’s just right for you ranging from free, to thousands of dollars). I for sure want to maintain my health and shine brighter than I have ever before in a much bigger way. I’ll be refining these over the next few weeks.
  • Laying out a plan for what it will take to achieve those goals. Where am I going to need support to make that all happen? My husband will need to start sketching our kitchen, and managing the construction projects. I’ll need to connect to more entrepreneurs, corporations, and book more speaking opportunities. Coaching will continue to be a big investment as I manage my energy and mindset during this year of growth (and, to be honest, the discomfort that accompanies massive shifts and expansion).

Your turn to look ahead at 2018

What do you want in 2018? What goals do you want to set? And what will it take to achieve them? Where do you need more support?


Time to share

Share your answers with me and I’ll hold space for them to manifest.

Let me know where you’re struggling and what you need help with so that I can focus on it here.

And for the sake of all the clients who have yet to meet you and experience your amazing gifts, schedule a free clarity call to talk this stuff through and see how I can help make your journey a lot less painful and more productive.



I look forward to hearing from you soon (communication works both ways you know…) and watching you shine even brighter in the new year!

Go forth and be awesome (and email me already!)



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