Making Deeper Networking Connections

Do you like networking? Or see it as a necessary evil?

I talk a lot about the importance of networking, and I know that while it may come naturally to some, networking often makes people extremely uncomfortable.

What I’ve learned over the years is that networking isn’t really about selling yourself to everyone you meet. Instead, it’s about meeting new friends, making connections with people on a deeper level, having meaningful conversations, and learning about one another so you can genuinely help one another.


You won’t be a good match for many of the people you meet. Maybe you don’t need another lawyer, real estate broker, insurance representative, or  business coach in your contact list. Then again, maybe you do.

By networking one-on-one with the people you meet, you have the opportunity to make deeper connections, form more lasting bonds, and create loyal referral partners who will get to know, like, and trust you.

Not all of the relationships you cultivate will turn into referrals or end up as clients, but that isn’t the point. The point is, by making deeper connections with the people we meet, we can be present in the moment, honoring our human experiences, and learning to enjoy the company of one another unconditionally.

Once you connect with the people you meet unconditionally, you become irresistible.

Once your intentions are purely for the purpose of helping others instead of pushing your services, you become a trusted asset in their network.

Once you let go of the need to SELL and lead with your need to SERVE, everything else falls into place.

Like many things in business, what we think is the magic pill or the winning formula is actually just a diversion. What truly works is often counter intuitive, seemly impossible, and yet, surprisingly effective.

What can you do today to set the foundation for making a deeper connection with someone you know?

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