Are You Ready for Live Video?

Have you ever wondered what cookies (the edible kind, not the Internet kind) have to do with marketing? Wonder no more.

Imagine you’re sitting at your computer and all of a sudden you start craving dream cookies. Take three seconds to close your eyes, inhale, exhale, and visualize the dream cookie of your choice. Then open your eyes and keep reading.

Ready? Go.

What did you see?

(I saw gluten-free, peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate-chip cookies that are soft, chewy, and deliciously sugar-free . I sure can dream, right?)



Now imagine that you find a store that has them already made, and as many as you desire easily available to you.

You know what you want. Now visualize it in your mind, and clearly experience how it will make you feel to have those dream cookies.


Now we’ll reverse things. Instead of knowing what you want, we’re going to make this exercise less about what you want.

Imagine you’ve been hearing a lot about mystery cookies and how you never know what you’ll get. You’re in the store and see a ton of mystery cookies. You don’t know if you like them, they might be risky to try (you might not like them, they aren’t what you really want, you’re not sure if they are any good, and if you try them that means you can’t try anything else you might like better).

Do you buy the mystery cookies?

Are you happy with your results? Are you pleasantly surprised, majorly disappointed, or left thinking “meh”?

Are you still with me or have you given up already to go buy your dream cookies?

Now, switch out the word “cookies” above for “clients”.

Which one made you happier?

I wish this was more obvious so I’ll spell it out here.
You can figure out what you want (ideal cookies/clients) and pursue that clearly with everything you do supporting that mission.
You can flounder around with mystery cookies/clients and getting wishy-washy results (mystery cookies that aren’t exactly what you wanted).

It’s your choice. The difference between the two is how much clarity you have around what you want.

Ignore the mystery cookies.

Just because the mystery cookies exist, doesn’t mean you should try them.

In this case, just because live video is the latest social media trend doesn’t make it an automatic home run for your business.

(I hear my mother saying: Just because someone else jumped off a bridge and survived, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!)

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. What’s my reason for doing video?

If you said:

  • “because someone said I should”, ask the question above again and find a better answer. That’s the worst foundation to build any marketing action upon and I can’t watch you do it.
  • “I don’t know”, keep digging until you figure out why you want to do videos.
  • “because it’s a great way to reach my ideal clients, get them to know me, like me, trust me, and eventually work with me”, congratulations, move on to the next question.

2. Do I like being on video?
3. Do I have something that I can talk about on video without compliance issues, and HIPPA concerns?
4. Do my prospective clients watch videos/want to watch videos about my topic?
5. Can I make a video easily, imperfectly, without investing a ton of time, money, and energy into it if it doesn’t work out?
If you answered “yes” to questions 2 through 5, keep reading. If not, you need more clarity around which tactics will reach your target market and video might not be the right fit for you. Stick with the fundamentals of networking for now.

Before you record a video, figure out…

Where will you share your videos?
Are you putting them on your website? Social media?

Who will watch your videos?
Are they for your prospects, your clients, or you referral partners?

What format makes the most sense?
Are you making a video recording, or hosting a live video where people can interact? How will your ideal clients watch it, when, where? Do they want to see a recording on their own time? And will they actually make time to watch it?

How long does your video need to be?
Short videos are great when you want to keep people’s attention. New studies are showing that live videos are better when they are longer so that people can come and go as they please.

What do you want to say?
You need a simple script that lists the bullet points you want to cover, without being something that you read.
What information do you want to share with your audience without sounding like a robot? Don’t read every word. Your audience can tell when you aren’t being authentic.

What actions do you want your viewers to take?
Have a call to action at the end. Do you want them to email you? Visit your website? Download something cool? Sign up for a call with you?

There are a lot of options out there for how to market your business. You need to get clear on which ones make the most sense to support you in reaching your goals.

Video can be an amazing tactic that attracts a lot of ideal clients for the right type of business. But before you test it out, you need to be strategic about why you want to do video and if it makes sense to attract YOUR ideal clients.

If you need more help finding and attracting your ideal clients, schedule a free clarity call with me and let’s figure out where you’re stuck and what you can do to move forward in your business before investing in a tactic that might get you generic results instead of the best “cookie” you’ve ever had.

For more marketing tips, or if you’d just like to see the handful of live videos I’ve done so far, visit my Facebook Page at

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