I’m Smart. Why Can’t I Figure Out How to Find Clients?

I’m Smart!

We all know you’re smart. You got good grades in school, likely earned an advanced degree, and you love to learn. You read a lot of books–for fun, for work, for self-improvement. You sign up for free online programs like you have all the time in the world and think, “This one is it! Now I’ve got the answer!” You learn a lot, but always find yourself wanting more, and more, and more.

It’s an insatiable need to learn more.

And it’s killing your business.


You’re looking for the answers to come from someone else, outside of you, instead of from inside, where your truth is waiting to be revealed.

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It’s Not Working

School taught us how to fit into the traditional school system formula. We were taught to find the one right answer. Take tests, answer quizzes, and do homework. There was the right answer or the wrong answer and we were trained to search for the right one. The teachers all knew the right answers and it was our job to seek more knowledge.

So  why do you feel so stupid? Why is your business struggling? Why can’t you figure this whole business thing out already?

Because you’re looking for a teacher give you the answers.

The Solution

The problem, and therein the solution, is that the student (a younger you) unknowingly became the teacher (the current you).

As entrepreneurs, we need to shift into being the leaders of our own lives and our businesses and to do that, we need to realize that we are the teachers. We know what we’re doing. We know our area of expertise better than 99.9% of the world’s population. We have all of the answers inside of us and we don’t need to seek the answers from others. Sure, we can always be learning. But we need to stop looking to others for the answers. We need to stop waiting for someone else to tell us what to do with our lives. Then we become the leaders of our own lives and can teach the people we most need to help.

That doesn’t mean we can’t ask for help or we don’t need help from anyone else.

Far from it.

We Need the Right Help

We need the right kind of help. Instead of answers and formulas, we need someone to ask us the right questions and draw the answers out from the shadows so that we can see them.

Instead of “Who can tell me what my passion is and how to create a successful business?” we need to ask “Who can guide me to find my own answers from within?”

I know that might sound deep and scary, but it’s far easier to find your fastest path up a steep mountain when you have a trained guide who knows what to look for. You might not follow the person in front of you up the same path, but you will be able to find your own path that fits your individual needs.

I’m that type of guide.

That’s what I do.

So if you’re wondering what’s wrong with you and frustrated that you aren’t able to figure out this business thing on your own, we should talk. I offer a limited amount of Quick Clarity Calls for free each month to see if working together makes sense. If you’re still reading this message, odds are good that you should sign up for a call with me. Let’s chat and see where your path leads. You can find a convenient time on my calendar here: www.simplifyyourmarketing.com/clarity Let’s chat.

I promise not to give you the answers, or a bad grade, and I’m confident that you’ll leave the call with a lot more clarity than you have now.

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