Ideal Client Intensive Training

Do you currently describe your target market as “anyone with a pulse”, “anyone willing to pay me”, or as a vague demographic group like “women age 30-60 with a household income of $100,000+, who live in the Midwest and are on Facebook”?

If so, your target is too big. You’re likely not attracting enough of the right clients, and you’re making your marketing a lot harder than it needs to be!

Are you ready to change that?

Do you want to make marketing your business a lot easier while attracting more high-quality clients and making your sales process a lot more effective?

Join me for an online Ideal Client Intensive Training where you’ll get to know your Ideal Client so that you can easily speak to, and attract, the clients you’re meant to serve.

Ideal Client Intensive Training

  • During the workshop, we’ll use basic Energy Mastery(TM) techniques to get you grounded into your body and connected to your intuition.
  • Then you’ll write up insights about your ideal client, and I’ll guide you to uncover what’s really motivating him/her.
  • You’ll learn how I’ve created personas for my own ideal clients and how this process has successfully shifted how my clients attract more of the right prospects (and income!).
  • We’ll also cover how to deal with multiple target markets, why it’s important to create an IDEAL CLIENT, and how to uncover the benefits your clients receive from working with you.
  • That’s all packed into an interactive online format that allows you to ask questions during the workshop to get specific answers related to your business.

It’s a magical two hours in which you’ll meet your ideal client, gain a deeper understanding of who you want to work with, where to find them, and how to speak their language to create powerful marketing messages.

You’ll learn how to:

  • clarify the one client you most want to attract to your business
  • understand what he/she really wants and how you can serve his/her needs
  • learn how to use your marketing and messaging to attract him/her to your business consistently
  • focus all of your marketing efforts easily

Ideal Client Intensive Training

The Workshop WILL BE RECORDED for your convenience so that you can use it again to create additional ideal client personas for your business or watch it at a later date.