Where can you declutter to allow more clarity?

Do you ever walk through your home or office, or even get into your car, and feel your energy draining at the sight of a rogue pile of junk?

Maybe it’s mental clutter that is weighing you down. Your to-do list races through your head, nagging tasks vying for your attention, deadlines pressuring you to attend to their persistent demands.

Emotional clutter can hold you back too. Feelings of not being enough, doing enough, having enough… and the list goes on.

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, think about where in your life you can declutter – Is it your mind? your body? your physical surroundings?

For me, I recently reorganized the toys, games, and craft supplies in our basement. Then I moved on to the kids’ drawers and their closet. Knowing that I’m heading into the holidays with organized spaces feels so much lighter. And having a mound of great items to donate to others in need feels wonderful. The clarity and relief I felt after decluttering was amazing! And it’s addictive to the point where I’m in full-on decluttering mode.

Physically, I’m releasing the items that our family has outgrown.

Emotionally, I’m shedding the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve me.

Mentally, I’m lightening my to-do list, releasing judgement of myself, and allowing space to be authentically me.

Financially, I’m getting organized, filing paperwork, happily paying bills, and having gratitude for all I have.

Spiritually, I’m allowing possibility into my life and releasing my doubts and fears.

Relationally, I’m letting go of the baggage from any relationships or commitments that aren’t serving me. Releasing judgement of others, and neutralizing my view of situations.

Where is it in your life you need to declutter?

Do you have piles of mail or unmatched socks that are an eye sore? Maybe you need to drink more water to detox your system? Or write out all of the items on your to do list just to get them out of your head?

What’s one thing you can declutter to create more mental clarity in your life this week?

Let me know.

If you aren’t getting the support you need, let’s connect on a call and figure out what you need and where you need to start.

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And please share this with someone who needs to hear this message today.

Best wishes for a wonderful week.

Go forth and be awesome!

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