Are you bending over backwards like Gumby?

Do you remember Gumby?

He could bend any way shape or form depending on what was needed in whatever situation he faced.

Sometimes, that can be a good thing.

Other times, it leaves you bent out of shape.

In my case, my kids are OBSESSED with electronics and want to use them EVERY WAKING HOUR.

I’ve tested out all sorts of solutions and today, I explained that it’s an electronic detox day and put it in terms of not allowing our dog access to unlimited food all day in order to protect him from becoming overweight and unhealthy. It’s the same thing for the kids, electronics, and their brain health and development.

And it’s the same for us entrepreneurs as well.

I had a prospect recently ask me for services I could provide, at a pricing model that wasn’t honoring my value. I set boundaries and feel good about the decision I made, and the outcome of that decision. Before, I would have BENT OVER BACKWARDS, like Gumby, to please a paying client at any level.

Boundaries are there to serve us. How are boundaries serving you?

Then ask yourself…

Q: What boundaries do you need to set?

Our boundaries protect us and help us make healthy decisions. So where are you letting your boundaries slip in a way that isn’t serving you personally, professionally, mentally, or emotionally?

Set a new boundary. Then share it with us in our Entrepreneurs Finding Clarity group on Facebook.

Reach out to me with any questions at Amanda @

And please share this with someone who needs to hear this message today.

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

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