Ever have a bad coaching experience?

Ever hire a “bad” coach?

For those of you who have had a “bad” coaching experience at any point in your business, especially one with an expensive investment, riddle me this…

One bad cookie

If you have a bad cookie experience, where you spent a lot on the cookie, once…
Do you assume all future cookies will be bad? Do you go on faith that your next cookie will be good?
Do you scrutinise every cookie you meet from that day forward?
Or do you never try another expensive cookie for fear that you’ll waste money on a crappy cookie?

(If the cookie analogy isn’t working for you, insert “dating” or “movie”.)

The past is not the future

Some of us color our future experiences based on our past experiences. I want to challenge that idea. While it might serve you occasionally, it’s coming from a place of fear. If you start with a clean slate instead, you might find yourself pleasantly rewarded for buying an expensive cookie, hiring another coach, or dating another person — who happens to be THE ONE. The most delicious cookie you’ve ever had, the best coach you’ve ever worked with, or the love of your life.

How will you ever find out if you don’t keep trying?

(I get that there is an opposing argument here. I’ll make it. Horror movies. I’ve never seen one that I like — Zombieland is a comedy and albeit gruesome, totally enjoyable in my book– so I’m not ever going to watch another horror movie. And I’m okay with that. I’ve tested a few, learned from those experiences–and subsequent nightmares–and I’m not going back. That said, a single data point does not a trend make. I’m not coloring all horror movies based on one bad one. It’s a series of films, trailers, and gore that don’t appeal to me. Gluten free pizzas? I still try them even after dozens of failures. More than once and you might be on to something… or not.)

Appreciate everything


It’s about allowing the lesson no matter what the cost. Stepping back even further, it’s about not judging the experience as being “bad”. Maybe the cookie was bad… but maybe your intuition told you not to eat it, or you needed to get food poisoning so that you met your soul mate… The point being, we tend to miss the bigger picture by focusing on, and creating a rule around, the cookie in front of us instead of what it means for the entirety of our being.

Use the information you have as data and disconnect from it.

Those “bad” experiences that you had, got you to where you are today.

Maybe you’re not happy with where you are today, and that’s okay. But please know that where you are today will get you where you’re going tomorrow. And you’re in exactly the right place.

If this is breaking your brain a little, or a lot, that’s okay. It’s rewiring your view of the world.

For more conversations like this, schedule a clarity call with me.

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