Stop Being Busy… Start Taking Aligned Action

October is here and I’m ready to embrace the last quarter of the year, cooler temperatures and warmer clothes, but I won’t be slowing down.

I’m in full-on action mode in my business, and you can be too.


I intend to finish this year off strong and to do that, I’ve got a plan:

  1. Set goals for the quarter ($10,000 in monthly income, 50 new prospects added to my list each month, 5 new clients a month)
  2. Create a content calendar and list of action steps I can take to advance my business and attract more clients. I check the actions against my ideal client to make sure they are aligned by asking, “What would my ideal client do/want/need?”
  3. Start each day with a list of 3 “must dos” that I absolutely need to get done before I go to bed every night. They need to be achievable, can be personal or business related, and I’m sharing them with my coach for accountability each day and checking them off each night.
  4. Take imperfect action, make mistakes, and learn from each mistake. Break things to learn how to rebuild them and take every moment as a learning experience.
  5. Get support. We have a new dog and I’ve hired two vets, a doggie daycare, a pet consultant, and a dog trainer in the two months of having him. I knew I needed help and got it.
  6. Delegate. I’m in the process of hiring a bookkeeper, house cleaner, and virtual assistant. Why? Because I can’t do this alone and I need help. And it’s perfectly fine to admit that. I also know that by investing in these areas, I’ll have more time for my business and will reach the next level of my success even faster.
  7. Break tasks and projects down into bite-sized steps. No need to climb the whole mountain in just one day. I prefer to savor the journey and go at my own pace, one step at a time.

For more information on how you can create your own plan, download Your Simple Weekly Content Plan & Action Guide. It’s a great way to pull together the ideas you have into actionable ways to reach a broader audience and serve more clients. There’s more to this process, but it’s a great starting point to get you focused.


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