Amanda Young, MBA, is known for helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs find the clarity they need to design a business they love. She provides much-needed focus and clarity to creative and intuitive business owners who have unique talents to share with the world. By cutting through the clutter and getting to the core of her clients’ strengths and capabilities, Amanda aligns the services they provide with the people they are meant to serve and simplifies their message and marketing in a way that attracts clients effortlessly.

After studying business administration, marketing, international business, entrepreneurship, and photojournalism at the University of Iowa, Amanda obtained her Master of Business Administration in Nonprofit Management from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. She has a wide breadth of experience working with solo-entrepreneurs, and established business owners in a variety of industries including real estate, manufacturing, architecture, interior design, structural engineering, event planning, life coaching, photography, education, personal styling, payroll, financial planning, vacation travel, and human resources.

She is an author, entrepreneur, business coach, marketing strategist, mother of two, Energy Mastery™ practitioner, knitter, quilter, and all-around creator. Amanda is dedicated to revolutionizing how we do business by helping entrepreneurs tap into their passions to create thriving businesses that support their families, freedom, and desire to serve others.

With a keen eye for helping entrepreneurs see what they often can’t identify on their own, Amanda offers easy and creative solutions for businesses in need of clarity and direction to focus their marketing efforts and easily attract clients.

When you need to Simplify Your Marketing, focus your communications, and clarify your vision to see what your business can truly achieve, Amanda is the perfect resource.

To learn more about how to Simplify Your Marketing, contact Amanda @ simplifyyourmarketing.com

And download your copy of her latest book, Finding Clarity: Design a Business You Love and Simplify Your Marketing.

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